Fuck Yeah USMNT
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Soccer reflects the people that play and surround the culture, and every country plays a certain style. I think people have seen that we take teams on, won’t shy away from Portugal and Germany, we have to give them a tough job. Realistically, I think we will go on from the group, and if we can do that, it means we can beat any team in this World Cup…. We want a team that will be proud of representing a nation, that won’t be afraid to take risks. Jurgen Klinsmann (via jennyfir)
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Guys. GUYS. 
Can you feel it? Can you feel the excitement across America? We can.
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American Outlaws gathering to check-in and board the second plane to Brazil on #AOForceTwo. #AOinBrazil (x)

"Hurr durr, but do Americans even care about the World Cup?"

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